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How it works

Done-for-you podcast newsletter growth. We grow your list with your ideal target listeners so you get more downloads.

1. Audience Identification

We help you identify and define your ideal target listener and then work with data vendors to find their emails.

2. Data processing

We use a stack of data processing tools to identify the highest quality contacts that are most likely to listen to your show.

3. Activation and management

We sequence people into the newsletter and manage the engagement to increase opens, clicks and downloads.

Case Studies


Target listener is biotech industry employees and venture capitalists. Grew their list from zero to 30,000 in 9 months. Open rates 30%+ and click through rates 5%+.

Womens's health

Target listener is women's health professionals. Grew their list from zero to 12,000 in less than 90 days. Open rates 50%+ and click through rates 3%+.


Target was listener was startup founders. Grew their list from zero to 18,0000 in 90 days. Open rates 30%+ and click through rates 1%+

Meet the founder of Acclaim

Cody Schneider is the founder of Acclaim.

He has 15+ years of digital marketing experience and has been growing newsletters for podcasts for 4+ years.

Listen to him on the Startup Ideas Podcast hosted by Greg Isenberg.

Frequently asked

How do you source data?

We work with a variety of data vendors to find the one that has the best match to your newsletter recipient specification. These vendors have a wide range of data attributes that can support B2B, B2C, and nonprofit newsletters.

Will my engagement still be high with this strategy?

Yes! We'll add high quality contacts to your list and we help you manage the list segments to ensure you have high engagement and good deliverability. While this means that you'll rarely be able to use all of your contacts, it does mean you can grow quickly, inexpensively, and reach the contacts who are responding the most to your content.

Is this system compliant with privacy and marketing laws?

Yes. All of our practices are compliant with CAN-SPAM and FTC regulations. If you're contacting individuals in one of the growing number of states with new privacy laws, we'll also provide relevant compliance assistance. For most smaller businesses and smaller newsletters, only the basic regulator requirement will apply.

Do you grow newsletters with non-U.S. audiences?

No. We only offer this service in the United States currently. We are actively working on expanding to Canada and the UK.

Does your process work with the new bulk-sending requirements from Google and Yahoo?

Yes. We leverage enterprise-level deliverability tools to make sure you stay on good terms with major email providers like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and others.

How did you develop this growth system?

We worked with 10+ podcasts over the last 5 years discovering the ins and outs of growing email lists for podcasts. We've got our process down to a reliable system that can benefit nearly any podcast looking to grow their newsletter.

Let's grow your podcast newsletter.

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